Don't miss a visit to one of the best cocktail bars in Gibraltar onboard the Sunborn Yacht Hotel!
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Best Cocktail Bars in Gibraltar

While it may be small, Gibraltar is home to some excellent bars and restaurants serving up delicious cocktails. Whether you want a cheeky cocktail before you head for dinner or you want to enjoy some great cocktail deals on a night out, Gibraltar definitely has a bar for you.

Here is our round-up on the best cocktail bars in Gibraltar, as well as some of our favourite cocktails they have on offer!

Best Bars in Gibraltar for Cocktail

Paradise Tiki Bar

Located directly next to Casemates Square, this cosy cocktail bar is Gibraltar’s only tiki-style bar, serving up an excellent variety of cocktails. Whether you want something classic like a Mai Tai or something less common, Paradise has something for everyone.

Launched in December 2019, their new cocktail menu is extensive and can even be taken home to use as a recipe guide to make the cocktails yourself! They don’t skimp on the alcohol and everything is high quality and delicious.

The interior is rather instagrammable (not too common in Gibraltar) and the staff are friendly and can whip you up anything you desire. While the venue is small, this means it has a more cosy and intimate feel. They have both interior and exterior seating (back and front of the bar) and they do also offer alternative drinks if you don’t fancy a cocktail.

Cocktails start at £5 and pretty much peak at only £6 so it won’t break the bank! If you compare this to cocktail prices back in the UK… well, I’ll say nothing more. Paradise also has pizza on offer so you can enjoy a slice with a good drink.

Penelope’s favourite cocktail: the Mai Tai is excellent and my classic favourite but I have to give a shout out to the Navy Grog, which is a cocktail based on the old usage of Navy rum rations for sailors.

Rob’s favourite cocktail: the Hakuna Matata (complete with a lit/smoking cinnamon stick garnish – baller!) was excellent and the After 8 is great if you have a sweet tooth!

Paradise Tiki Bar is one of the best bars in Gibraltar and even has a photo-ready wall with their logo and another with fairy lights for the perfect Instagram shot.



Down at the marina and you’ll find the popular bar Bruno’s. This restaurant and bar is cheap and cheerful and offers great value but a less extensive menu. Bruno’s offers 2 for 1 cocktails all day every day and the cocktails start at only £5.95. For the two-for-one deal, you can only get two of the same cocktail so either go with someone with the same taste as you or prepare yourself to get a little bit white girl wasted (just kidding, two won’t get you under the table… probably).

Bruno’s has an extensive food menu so whether you just want some nibbles (the cheesy garlic bread is excellent and the hot and spicy chicken wings – while not particularly hot or spicy – are an excellent choice) or you want to have a full dinner (burgers, steaks, fish and chips and more), they have lots to offer.

They also serve coffee so if you need a little pick-me-up, enjoy a caffeinated beverage or pair your alcohol with coffee and enjoy one of their liqueur coffees (Irish coffee, Bailey’s, Tia Maria and more).

Bruno’s mostly has outdoor seating but there is also a decent amount of seating indoors, predominantly around the bar but also some larger tables in the dining area. The outdoor area has a mix of dining area tables and chairs as well as sofas for lounging. In the colder months, you can also ask for blankets (may require a £5 deposit) and they also have heaters.

Penelope’s favourite cocktail: the Orange Mojito was pleasant and a nice change from the classic.

Rob’s favourite cocktail: I don’t think I have a favourite… thanks to the 2-for-1’s impact on memory. Oops.


Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Gibraltar’s only yacht hotel is an excellent place for some high-quality cocktails, as well as delicious food and other beverages. There are two restaurants on the Sunborn as well as the Aqua Bar on the top deck. The casino also serves drinks and offers 2-for-1 cocktails (and free house wine and beer if you are playing at the tables).

The cocktails start at around £9 per cocktail, which isn’t too shabby for a 5* hotel (especially in the casino!). You can relax on the sofas that are there or enjoy your cocktail while playing blackjack or roulette.

Sunborn Gibraltar is (shockingly) located at the marina and is, in fact, pretty much opposite Bruno’s. Even if you aren’t staying, it’s definitely worth a visit for a quick drink or an excellent lunch or dinner.

Penelope’s favourite cocktail: the Espresso Martini was hands down my favourite – possibly one of the best ones I’ve had.

Rob’s favourite cocktail: the Mojito was refreshing and delicious and it wasn’t long before I ordered again!

Don't miss a visit to one of the best cocktail bars in Gibraltar onboard the Sunborn Yacht Hotel!



Restaurant and bar Truth is located in Gibraltar’s business district, not far from Midtown Coach Station. They have an extensive menu of cocktails and also offer food for lunch and dinner.

The nachos and dirty fries definitely deserve a mention and many people are big fans of the ‘molecular mixology’ concept.


Casino Admiral

Gibraltar’s main casino is located in Ocean Village and is next door to the Sunborn Hotel. They also offer cocktails and operate the neighbouring O’Reilly’s Irish Pub.

The cocktails start at £7 each and there is also a 2-for-1 menu where cocktails start at £9. Casino Admiral also has ‘sharing cocktails’ that start at £15 (3-4 servings) and £25 (7-8 servings). The ‘Let The Dogs Loose’ is an impressive fishbowl-style cocktail featuring bottles of Coronita beer upside-down in it. Definitely unique!

Don’t miss trying the ‘Sex on the Rock’ with Archers, Bacardi and Blue Curaçao – aside from being delicious, you can also then say you’ve enjoyed sex on the rock in Gibraltar…


Whether you’re looking for a casual and affordable night on the booze or something more refined, Gibraltar has a variety of excellent cocktail bars offering everything from the classics to something more unique. These are definitely the best cocktail bars in Gibraltar and our personal favourite is probably Paradise Tiki Bar (Penelope = rum obsessed).

What sort of cocktails do you usually choose?

One of the best things to do in Gibraltar is to visit one of the excellent cocktail bars in this British overseas territory. Enjoy the affordable drinks thanks to Gibraltar's low alcohol prices (£6 for two? yes please!) and don't miss these top cocktail bars in Gibraltar. #gibraltar #cocktails



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